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District Camporee

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The camporee turned out to be a success. Even though the head leader could not show up, all the other experienced scoutmasters helped to pull it all together. There was fire building(we managed to burn through both ropes but time ran out), Orienteering, First Aid, the Chariot Race, and a Cooking Demonstration for Backpacking. We didn’t get any 1st place ribbons, but we did get 2nd place for the Klondike Car Race.

After the activities were over we took what was supposed to be a 1 mile hike that really turned out to be about 3 1/2! We also had an awesome time throwing each other off this log that was meant for a seat and made a pineapple upside down cake that we took to the cracker barrel after the O.A. members ate ice cream. =) Austin, Josh, Scott M., and I were the only ones that went but it was still a good trip. =)

If it weren’t for Doug, Dave, and Jeff we wouldn’t have even been able to go. Thank you guys! =)

Here is a link to the gallery.

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

Five of our scouts, Austin, Alex, Ross, Desmond and Landon attended NYLT last month.   They all have learned how to become better leaders, had a great time and are energized to make their troop even better.

NYLT is a youth based leadership training based on the adult leadership training Woodbadge.  The course is over 2 long weekends totaling 6 days in all.  The course was about 50/50 classroom/practical.  The staff of Old Hickory council are top notch.  They had 12 adults and 10 Scouts to show our Scouts how to run a successful meeting, learn leadership skills, resolve conflicts, etc.  Here is a link for more information about the program:

Old Hickory Council NYLT Staff made a couple changes to the program to make it even better.  They decided to make it a theme of “Top Gun”.  They also wanted to make the program more like Woodbadge and allow the scouts to “earn their wings”.  The Scouts do this by giving back to the troop in some way to make it better.  They write down their proposal and get it approved by “Godfather”.   Back at the troop they have to discuss what they want to do with their Scoutmaster, who has to approve it as well, and sign them off on it.  Once competed, “Godfather” will return to a meeting or Court of Honor to bestow the honor and present their wings.

Sorry there are no pictures of this event, yet.  I am awaiting hundreds of pictures I took as the photographer for these 6 days.  The camera was not mine, so I did not have any means to bring them home.  Out of 2400 pictures taken, only 178 were selected!

Yours in Scouting.


Local Bike Shake-down – June 3rd 6:45pm

The June 3rd troop meeting will be held at Gibson Park in High Point at 6:45pm.  We will be riding on the Bicentennial Greenway, so arriving early will give us enough daylight on the trail.  This is a bicycle CONTROL ride, not a race.  We will learn how to ride single file, how to pass in a safe manor, etc.  Our goal is to prepare for the Virginia Creeper and to have a SAFE and controlled trip.

We will be departing at 7pm heading north for about 20 minutes and then turn back to Gibson Park.  The ride should take 45 – 60 minutes.  Please pickup your boy at 8pm.


  • Bike must have passed the bike check BEFORE this event
  • Helmet
  • Red troop shirt

If you are not not going to the VA Creeper, you do not need to attend this meeting.

We need to know if you are going to the VA Creeper, so the tour permit can be completed with the proper numbers.  Please respond by June 3rd.

Color Guard Presented the Colors for Downtown Freedom Rally & Prayer Walk

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Troop 26 was called upon to lead a parade and present the Colors at the Downtown Freedom Rally & Prayer Walk in High Point, NC.  The National day of Prayer will be held the following day on May 7th.  Alex, Austin, Scott and Scotty were the Color Guard.  They did an outstanding job, given the little time they had to prepare.  Kevin, from the pack, brought his boys to help out but they were not needed.  I truly appreciate the time and effort Kevin gave to our troop.  Joe from our troop also attended, and I also appreciate his time.

Here are some pictures of the event.