Uwharrie Forest Campout – Short Chronicle of Events

Friday the 15th – Troop 26 Lead Team arrived at Jakes Place around 4pm Friday. We’re happy to find more than enough room to accommodate the 11 boys, and 5-7 adults attending the campout. Weather forecasts for the weekend being a main concern, (scattered showers) largest tarp was set up over the Boys area. Then, concentrated on pitching our tents. Just as we finished, and preparing some chow, Troop 26 arrived. Perfect timing. The rest of the evening was spent setting up both campsites, (Adult Leader side, and Boy Scout side). Pointing this out, only because, as a Boy led Troop, it’s important that the Boys feel they’re on their own, but the Adult Leaders are a short distance away if they need us.

Saturday the 16th – After a restful night, Reveille at 7:30am, time to freshen up, and prepare Breakfast. After a great Breakfast, it was time to move onto the our Opening Flag Ceremony. Ryan was instrumental in showing the Wolverine Patrol how to tie, (using various knots, of course), and raise our Flags. After the Flag Ceremony, the Scouts prepared for the planned 5 mile hike. We are very fortunate to have Don Davenport join us, and instruct the Boys on basic map & compass reading. One Scout, Lloyd, was picked to lead us on the hike. It was decided, (by Don), that we would try some bushwhacking, (no particular trail), then find the Uwharrie Trail to come back on.

The weather was perfect, not to hot, and the Trail had some interesting finds, (Box turtle, Ant hills), not to mention how lush with new growth the Forest is. As planned, we made our course correction, about midway through our hike, and headed back on the Uwharrie Trail. We took a break to drink, take some pictures, and review what we’ve seen, then the rain came. Most of the Scouts were prepared, and our trek back was uneventful, just wet. When we got back to Camp, the rain subsided, and Lunch was prepared, and enjoyed by all. There was a short respite afterwards, (especially for the Adult leaders, nap anyone!). Next on the agenda, was for the Flaming Arrows to get an Ax Yard together, so wood could be gathered, and cut for the Campfire later. Some of the Scouts that had free time constructed a swing, and most of the Boys had a big time with it. The Adult Leaders made use of the time by cleaning & organizing some of the Troop trailer. It was decided later that we would need more time to thoroughly take care of it. The Troop had some official business to take care of also. We retired 15 American Flags. The Ceremony went very well, and I’m very proud of the Scouts for their service. Dinner was then prepared, and again enjoyed by all. It was decided to let the Boys enjoy free time by their campfire, as the Adult Leaders enjoyed theirs. I think our main job that night was perfecting our Cookie making. 10pm rolled around, and it was time for Taps.

Sunday the 17th – Another restful night, Reveille at 6:30am, time to freshen up, have a simple Breakfast, Prayer Service, and break Camp. Just about after Breakfast, the rain came. This time pretty heavy, so it was decided to wait it out for a little while. Unfortunately, it kept coming. So, it was decided to have an abbreviated Prayer Service, break Camp as best as possible. Leave No Trace, and head home, with this adventure under our belts.

Here are some more Pictures of the campout.

Toiletries for Open Door Ministries Eagle Project

Open Door Ministries, because of the economy, has had a decrease in donations and an increased demand for their services. The budget they used to buy toiletries for the residents of the shelter has been cut by 50%. They no longer have money to spend on the basic toiletry needs of the men who reside there. With the toiletry kits I am providing, the shelter will be able to hand them out to the men to keep for the duration of their stay at Open Door Ministries. The 500 kits I am making will be enough to last the Ministry a year. I am also providing large plastic containers that will be used for the storage of the toiletry kits.

In addition to the kits, the men are also given a towel, bed sheets, and a pillow case, though I will not be providing those items. When the men are given these belongings, it not only provides for basic needs, but it also gives them some dignity after the humiliating experience of being homeless.
For my Eagle Scout Project I will be assembling 500 Toiletry Kits for Open Door Ministries, a homeless shelter for men, in High Point, North Carolina. The shelter has received several budget cuts and one of those was the money that was used to buy toiletry items for the men.

The toiletry kits will include…
-2 Razors

Uwharrie National Forrest Campout Agenda

The next camp out will be multi-purposed.   Some scouts need to get in a 5 Mile hike while others need to get some cooking requirements taken care of .  This Wednesday the patrols will be discussing the menu and choosing tent mates.  The agenda will be quickly reviewed at this Wednesday’s meeting for any fine tuning.

If your boy is planning to go on this trip please bring this permission slip.  The cost of the trip is $15.

**Please note that scouts need to eat dinner before arriving at IHM.  We will not be stopping for Dinner and will not be serving dinner at camp Friday night.**


  • The history of the Uwharrie National Recreation Trail and Dutchman’s Creek Trail
  • Uwharrie National Forest Home Page



5:30 pm Arrive at IHM to pack trailer and take roll.

6:00 pm Depart IHM Church

8:00 pm Arrive at Yates Place campsite – set up camp

10:00 pm – Taps


7:00 am cooks prepare for breakfast

7:30 am Reveille – Personal Hygiene

8:00 am Breakfast

8:30 am clean-up

9:00 am Flag Ceremony – Wolverine Patrol

9:15 am prepare for hike – make sandwiches for Lunch on the trail, water bottles, backpacks, etc.

10:00 am Depart for Uwharrie Trail – 5 Mile hike – Orienteering  skills practiced

11:30 am Lunch on trail

1:00 pm arrive back at camp – Flaming arrows gathers wood (Ax Yard) – Eagles prepares for skit

2:00 pm String Burning Race between patrols

4:00 pm Cooks Prepare for dinner

5:00 pm Dinner

5:30 pm Cleanup – put away all items for the night.

7:00 pm Start Evening camp fire – Flaming Arrows

8:00 pm Begin Evening program – Eagles skit

10:00pm Taps


6:30 am Reveille – simple breakfast

7:00 am Prayer Service –

7:15 am break camp – Leave No Trace

9:00 am Depart for IHM

11:00 am Arrive at IHM

Color Guard Presented the Colors for Downtown Freedom Rally & Prayer Walk

Troop 26 was called upon to lead a parade and present the Colors at the Downtown Freedom Rally & Prayer Walk in High Point, NC.  The National day of Prayer will be held the following day on May 7th.  Alex, Austin, Scott and Scotty were the Color Guard.  They did an outstanding job, given the little time they had to prepare.  Kevin, from the pack, brought his boys to help out but they were not needed.  I truly appreciate the time and effort Kevin gave to our troop.  Joe from our troop also attended, and I also appreciate his time.

Here are some pictures of the event.

IHM Catholic Church, High Point, NC