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District Banquet

Troop 26 and Pack 16 hosted the annual District Banquet at IHM on Friday night.  This is a time when the leaders of the district get together and recognize the accomplishments of the adult leadership of  Scouting.

The SPL, Austin, lead the color guard in the opening ceremony with a commanding voice.  The color guard consisted of scouts from the troop and the pack.  One of the first awards given was for the Eagle Scout of the Year, and it was given to our own Andres!  Out of 54 Eagle Scouts in the district Andreas won the award for his involvement in the troop after becoming an Eagle.  Even after turning eighteen, he became a leader in the troop and spent a week at summer camp as an adult.  He also, after leaving for college, found a local Cub Scout pack to lend a hand.  Troop 26 has been very fortunate to have three Eagle Scouts win this award in recent years.

One of our leaders was recognized for being trained and active in the troop for 2 years.  Jeff, has been a staple of Troop 26, attending most all trips we take.  He also was in charge of taking our scout to the Akela District Camporee, as the Scoutmaster could not make that trip.  Thanks Jeff for all you do for Troop 26!

The troop has earned the Commissioner Award for 2010.  This award shows that Troop 26 is a well rounded troop.  Only a few other troops in the district received this award.

Last but not least, the O’Donnell’s were recognized by the district for their service to Scouting. 

We all know that this family loves Scouting as it shows in their efforts to help make Troop 26, the district, and the council a better organization.  Thank you O’Donnell’s for all you have done for Scouting!  You will be missed.

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Donut Sunday

One of the ways the troop gives back to our Chartered Organization is to volunteer every other month to offer donuts after each Mass on Sunday.  The other half of the year Cub Scout Pack 16 provides this service.  This Sunday, August 2nd we need the boys to volunteer to put out the donuts, drinks, and clean up.  The boys need to proudly wear their class A uniform to show our church involvement and possible recruitment opportunities.  Showing up in uniform counts for service hours, which many of our boys need for rank advancement.

You don’t have to be a member of IHM nor attend Mass to help.  The 8am and 12:15pm time slots may be a good for those who would like to attend your regular church service.

7:30am Mass
8:00 Arrive to set up tables, make drinks, etc.
2 Boys needed

9:30am Mass
10:15 Arrive – or leave Mass after communion
3 Boys needed

11:30am Mass
12:15pm Arrive – or leave Mass after communion
3 boys needed

Please let me know if you and/or your son can attend this weekend.

New Troop 26 Website

Hello All!  As a newly “Trained” Boy Scout leader, I feel it’s time to create a new and useful website where multiple leaders can contribute.  Web sites usually die when the Webmaster leaves, but this site will be different. is powered by WordPress, a powerful yet super easy to use web site.  I hope to provide a little training to several of our leaders (including our Patrol leaders) to post content that will benefit the entire Troop. Not only the leaders can contribute to the site. The entire troop, including parents, will have the opportunity to post comments on articles. The intention is to create a living and breathing site that will be frequently updated by many.

Yours in Scouting,