SPL Weekly Checklist

  1. Sunday afternoon – Call the following Scouts.  Many Scouts don’t answer the phone so leave a message, but you must follow up with them later that day or as soon as you can the next day.  If you cannot get a hold of a scout, or run into problems let the Scoutmaster know.
    • Call the person responsible for the Skill Instruction and Inter-Patrol Activity.
      • Skill Instruction:
        • What is the Skill Instruction for this week?  Check Troop Calendar for what the PLC decided.
        • Does the presenter have note cards?
        • Ask them to practice in front of their family first.  Presenting in front of the troop should not be their first time running through the material.
        • Is there anything you can do to help them? (i.e. ideas, call Quartermaster for supplies, etc.)
      • Inter-Patrol Activity:
        • What is the Inter-Patrol Activity?  Check Troop Calendar for what the PLC decided.
        • Talk through the details of how the Inter-Patrol activity will be performed.
        • Notify the PL’s so they understand the activity.
    • Call PL’s
      • Explain what the Inter-Patrol Activity will be this week and how the PL is instrumental in making it run smoothly.
      • Explain what is required in Patrol Corners this week.
        • Collect Permission Slips and Money
        • work on advancements
        • etc.
      • Who has Service Patrol this week?
        • Flags
        • Chairs
        • Trash
        • Floors swept if needed
        • Put flags away
      • Periodically, you will be required to call your PL’s to put out messages for the Troop.  i.e. Remind the PL to call their patrol to bring the Permission slip and money to the meeting, or remind them to bring their bike to the meeting for the bike check, etc.
    • Call Game Coordinator
      • what new game will the scouts play this week?
      • Ask the Game Coordinator to explain it to you over the phone.
  2. Email Scoutmaster with your plans for the meeting.

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