Donut Sunday

  • Duck Donuts
    • 2766 Hwy 68, Suite 101, High Point, NC
    • (336) 804-5571
    • Margaret (Mgr)
  • Ask for the Manager on duty and order 70 dozen donuts the Monday before the Welcome Weekend  (Examples: January 29 for February 3/4 weekend; February 26 for March 3/4 weekend; April 2 for April 7/8 weekend, etc)
  • Visit Church to check for Coffee and Cool-aid/Tang
  • Pick Up donuts Sunday 7am and get receipt for IHM (Duck Donuts will invoice IHM directly)
  • Envelopes for the donations are in the top cabinet to the right of the stove. Place the donations and receipt in an envelope and deposit in the mailbox safe behind the Alter after 11:30 Mass


  • COFFEE:  set up at table in front of kitchen (Small coffee pot is good for 7:30am mass, Big pot is good for 9:30 and 11:30)
    • Make fresh pot for each Mass
    • Use smallest cups possible.
    • 2 cups of coffee makes about 40 servings (half of big pot; Follow directions on coffee container)
    • takes about 40 minutes to perk
    • extension cord located in janitors closet to keep coffee plugged in
  • JUICE/TANG:    Mix a 5 gallon drink cooler 3/4 with water then add ice and Tang and leave in kitchen. Follow Directions on Juice container.
  • TABLES:    Set up 3-4 long tables in a row along the middle of the gathering space for donuts.
    • set up at table in front of kitchen for coffee and all that goes with it.
    • Put Tang/water on trays and bring to tables.
    • to save time you can pre-fill drinks, put on trays and place them in the refer.
  • DONUTS – put out in boxes of 1 dozen per Mass:
    • 10 dozen after 7:30
    • 20 dozen after 9:30
    • 25 dozen after 11:30
    • Save 15 dozen for the 2pm Spanish Mass
  • DONATIONS:  2 baskets and signs.  Wicker baskets are in the kitchen for donations
    • Use signs that says “…helps offset the cost of donuts”
  • Do not bother with the paper plates – use napkins
  • Clear everything off the tables before the next mass.
  • Trash goes to dumpster outside when done.

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