Donut Sunday

    • 917 North Main St, High Point, NC
    • (336) 885-8081
    • Mike Megamos (Asst Mgr)
    • KK004 {at} krispykreme(.)com
  • Order 70 dozen glazed DONUTS  by Thursday.
    • Donuts are near $2.95/dozen (fund-raising price)
  • Visit Church to check for Coffee grounds and Cool-aid/Tang
  • Pick Up Sunday 7am
  • PAY and get receipt for IHM
  • The cash donations will pay you back and then bill IHM for the remainder owed to you.


  • COFFEE:  set up at table in front of kitchen (Small coffee pot is good for 7:30am mass, Big pot is good for 9:30 and 11:30)
    • Make fresh pot for each Mass
    • Use smallest cups possible.
    • 2 cups of coffee makes about 40 servings (half of big pot; Follow directions on coffee container)
    • takes about 40 minutes to perk
    • extension cord located in janitors closet to keep coffee plugged in
  • JUICE/TANG:    Mix a 5 gallon drink cooler 3/4 with water then add ice and Tang and leave in kitchen. Follow Directions on Juice container.
  • TABLES:    Set up 3-4 long tables in a row along the middle of the gathering space for donuts.
    • set up at table in front of kitchen for coffee and all that goes with it.
    • Put Tang/water on trays and bring to tables.
    • to save time you can pre-fill drinks, put on trays and place them in the refer.
  • DONUTS – put out in boxes of 1 dozen per Mass:
    • 10 dozen after 7:30
    • 20 dozen after 9:30
    • 25 dozen after 11:30
    • Save 15 dozen for the 2pm Spanish Mass
  • DONATIONS:  2 baskets and signs.  Wicker baskets are in the kitchen for donations
    • Use signs that says “…helps offset the cost of donuts”
  • Do not bother with the paper plates – use napkins
  • Clear everything off the tables before the next mass.
  • Trash goes to dumpster outside when done.
  • After all Masses turn in receipt, donations and reimbursement form to the church office.

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