Summer Camp

Important Dates and Action Required

  1. Base Cost for Summer Camp $290
  • Payment Due
  • Swim Check 4/30/17
  • BSA Health Form A, B, and C Due 6/5
  • First time summer campers will attend the Nighthawk program: $10
  • Extra fees apply for:
  • Troop picture: $10
  • Trading post
  • Certain Merit Badge’s have extra costs associated.
  • Scout Accounts can help pay!
  1. Select Merit Badges, and submit to an advancement chair (First time Summer Camp Scouts will be in a first year program and will not select Merit Badges.)
  1. A complete and current medical form is required to attend Summer Camp – Due June
  • BSA Medical formonly valid for 12 months
  • Parts A and B are filled out by the parent
  • Part C is to be completed and signed by a certified and licensed health-care provider—physician (MD, DO), nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant as appropriate for your state.”
  • A copy of a health insurance card if applicable
  1. Buy Troop T-shirts at meetings (Optional) $10 ea


  • Sunday July 2rd  – Meeting at 11:00 am behind the PLEC- If you are going to travel to camp with your son you should arrive at the Camp Barnhardt parking lot no later than 1:45 pm.
  • Saturday, July 8th – The troop must leave camp by 10:00 AM. If you are going to meet your son at camp, please arrive at the camp parking lot, no later than 9:45 AM. The troop will be arriving at IHM church parking lot around 11:45 AM.


Mailing Address: – Great to send to first year scouts, but all like to receive mail (Send before camp and not after Tuesday).

  • Camp John J Barnhardt
  • Session # 3, Troop 26
  • 44184 Cannon Road
  • New London, NC 28127

Emergency Contact Info

  • Camp Emergency Number – (704) 422-6365

Prepare for Merit Badges

Please review the MB Schedule for the prerequisites for the MB’s you are taking.

  • Aquatics
  • Scouts in Swimming and Lifesaving should bring long pants, a button down shirt, and shoes that can get wet. We recommend scouts in all aquatic merit badges complete the CPR requirements for the badge before camp.
  • Ecology
  • Ecology Scouts in Environmental Science should bring a notebook with paper and a pencil. We recommend requirement #3 for Mammal Study is completed before camp. In order to finish Reptile and Amphibian Study at camp, scouts should have kept a reptile or amphibian as a pet for a month. Scouts can bring a note from a parent for this requirement or choose to finish after camp. Scouts in Astronomy will need to complete requirement #6 an #7b either before or after camp.
  • Handicraft Outdoor skills
  • Scouts should have earned their Totin’ Chip before taking Leatherwork, Woodcarving and Indian Lore. For Electricity, requirement #9a must be done at home; this requirement will be explained at camp.
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Before earning Camping merit badge a scout must camp for 20 nights. A scoutmaster may sign this off at camp or the scout can finish after camp. Scouts in Pioneering should practice their basic knots before coming to camp, and scouts in Wilderness Survival should bring a homemade personal survival kit to camp. Scouts in First Aid should bring a homemade first aid kit to camp.
  • Field Sports
  • Scouts in all field sports classes should bring a water bottle to class to prevent dehydration. To complete Sports, scouts need to have participated in a team sport for at least one season. They may bring a signed note to their counselor. To complete Athletics, Requirement 1 can most easily be done before camp. Scouts in Climbing should practice knots before camp, scouts in Fishing should practice knots, bring a rod/tackle if they own any, and scouts in Cycling need to bring a bike and safety gear. To complete Personal Fitness, it is a good idea to do requirements 6, 7 & 8.
  • Health and Communications
  • Scouts in Emergency Preparedness need to complete requirement 8 before arriving to camp and those in Communications should complete requirement #5 before camp.


Camp Pictures

  • Let the Scoutmaster know you would like to purchase.
  • 8×10’s $10.00
  • 5×7’s $5.00


Troop T-Shirts

  • It’s not required, but encouraged for our scouts to wear the red Troop 26 T-Shirt
  • $10 – buy them at our weekly meetings.

List of Items to bring:

  • Please assist your son in packing his own gear. Do NOT pack it for him. He will need to know what he has packed and where to find it.
  • Please pack in a trunk/footlocker (this link shows a good example) that locks
  • NO key locks please, as they tend to get lost
  • Trunks should be able to fit under the cot, so look at the dimensions of the truck in the link above to compare
  • All items should be marked with scout name and/or Troop #.
  • Do not pack swimming trunks in your footlocker, as we may need to perform a swim test upon arrival.
  • Complete scout uniform
  • *T-shirts
  • *Shorts or long pants
  • Swim trunks
  • *Sunscreen
  • Underwear
  • *Socks
  • *Hat (if desired)
  • Sweatshirt or jacket
  • Extra shoes or boots (No Opened Toed Shoes)
  • Book bag or Day Pack
  • *Poncho or rain gear
  • *Notebook and pen/pencil
  • *Scout Handbook
  • *Merit badge pamphlets
  • *Watch (important)
  • Washcloth and Towels
  • *Toiletries (soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc. NO GLASS)
  • *Flashlight w/batteries
  • Sleeping bag and blanket
  • *Pocketknife
  • Footlocker, suitcase, or backpack
  • *Wallet w/some form of ID
  • *Canteen or Water bottle
  • *Fishing gear (optional)
  • Medical Forms
  • Money to spend in Trading Post and snack bar.
  • Sleepwear

Suggestions in addition to what Camp Barnhardt recommends:

  • 6 t-shirts (at least one Troop 26 t-shirt)
  • Camera
  • Pillow/pillow case
  • camp chair
  • Bible
  • Aqua shoes/Crocs©
  • Card games/board game
  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
  • Battery operated fan
  • Bug Netting

*Items you can buy at camp


  • IPods, DS, Cell phones, PSPs, etc
  • Pets
  • Sheath Knives or personal firearms


    Please send medicine in the original bottle in a plastic baggie. On the baggie write your son’s name and Troop 26. We need to show this during the medical check as we arrive at camp. You may enclose a note and you may send over the counter medicine if needed (i.e. headache or allergy medicine).

Daily Schedule

  • 6:30am Reveille
    7:00am “A” Breakfast
    7:35am Flag Assembly
    7:50am “B” Breakfast
    8:30am 1st MB Session
    10:15am 2nd MB Session
    12 Noon “A” Lunch
    12:45pm “B” Lunch
    1:45pm 3rd MB Session
    3:15pm Open Recreation Time
    5:45pm “A” Dinner
    6:20pm Flag Assembly
    6:30pm “B” Dinner
    7:10pm Evening program
    10:30pm Taps


IHM Catholic Church, High Point, NC