Eagle Scout Ceremony

Our Eagle Scouts deserve to be recognized.  Below are the items in which Troop 26 will be willing to provide.

  1. Location and Stage in the IHM Parish Life and Education Center (PLEC)
    1. Secure the date with the IHM office!
    2. New Candles – Burn them for a minute for easier lighting during Ceremony
    3. Podium
    4. Chairs
  2. Sound System
    1. Contact: Pat Lenard (IHM’s Facilities manager)
    2. How to Operate Sound System
      1. Turn on Sound Board (rocker on back)
      2. Turn on Amplifier in cabinet (on top)
      3. CD Player is located here
      4. Turn Off opposite way
  3. Screen & Projector
    1. Troop can provide a basic slide show, but feel free to add or change.
    2. If you want a slide show of your son, please provide the pictures.
  4. Tables
    1. Can be rectangle or round.  We will need to coordinate with the Church depending on your needs.
  5. Flag Ceremony
    1. Troop 26 Scout will facilitate opening and closing Colors.

Eagle Candidate and Parents Responsibilities.  Please do not let this overwhelm you.  We are here to make your celebration of your son’s achievements one to remember.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. Secure the date 
    1. Location
    2. Invitations
    3. Consider the date and time for out of town guests, and other events that do not conflict (i.e. Troop events)
  2. Script
    1. The Troop can provide some canned scripts, but should be the Scout and parents who tailor to suite their needs.
    2. Determine who you want in your ceremony.  Can be Scout leaders, teachers, etc.
    3. Determine Mentors; the people in your life to help you earn Eagle Scout
  3. Invites
    1. Friends, family, special guests.
    2. Mr. “B” Brandes is usually invited (your son has more than likely received hand carved neckerchief slides from Mr. B).  He really enjoys seeing scouts rank to the highest rank.
  4. Eagle Charge (must be an Eagle Scout)
    1. Determine who was instrumental in your Eagle trail.
  5. Program
    1. Again the Troop can provide samples, but you are free to change it up.
  6. Refreshments

    1. Cake and drinks is usually enough for this ceremony.
  7. Video and Pictures
    1. You may want to ask someone to video tape this once in a lifetime event.


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