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  1. Contact an Eagle Adviser within the Troop.
  2. Contact the Advancement Chair to review the Merit Badges you may still need to complete.
    1. Note, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, and Family Life require 3 months of logs.
  3. As a Life scout, be active in the Troop and hold a position for at least 6 months.
  4. Merit Badges -Earn a total of 21 merit badges (10 more than you already have), including the proper amount of Eagle Required MB’s
  5. Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (Try different browser if you have problems downloading)

    • Proposal
      • Find a project and get approval from the benefiting organization (Church, School, or your world community).
      • There are 4 pages in the Workbook (fill-able PDF) to describe your project and who it benefits.  Simply fill it out.
      • Meet with an Eagle Adviser for review.
      • Signatures required:
        • Organization who benefits from the Project
        • Scoutmaster
        • Committee Chair
        • Akela District Board (see the Akela District Eagle Page link above).
    • Workbook
      • Once the Proposal is approved, you will need to create the workbook with all the details on how you will complete your project.
      • Think if you broke both your arms, that someone else can pick up your workbook and complete your project.
    • Perform the work outlined in your workbook
    • Keep your workbook updated with any changes as you work on the project.
    • After project is complete fill out the Project Report (last section of the workbook)
  6. Fill out the Eagle application
    1. Req 2 – Two letters of recommendation are also needed
      1. You can choose two from Requirement 2, except parents and scout leaders.
    2. Req 7 – A statement of your ambitions and life purpose
    3. Req 7 – A listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations, during which you demonstrated leadership skills.
    4. Req 6: Meet with Troop 26 Scoutmaster
    5. Don’t forget the signatures needed
  7. Turn in your Eagle Application, and project workbook to the council.
  8. Plan your Eagle Court of Honor with your family
  9. You will become a member of the National Eagle Scout Association

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