Eagle Scouts

IHM Scouts who have earned their Eagle.

Our Eagles

Eagle ScoutAward DateProject InfoPhoto Gallery
Tyler Risdon9/13/05Trail and benches for meditation at the
Brett Roth1/09/06Teen room at YWCA
Ryan Kordsmeier1/09/06Built wardrobe for Interfaith Hospitality
Kyle O'Donnell3/13/06Build Storage shed for IHM Church
Kieran Moreira3/13/06Storage building for Christ our King
Niall Moreira3/13/06Storage and TV stand for Interfaith Hospitality
Shawn Brennan9/11/06Fence at horsepower
Chris Boylan05/07Storage Room at Bishop McGuiness for theater group
Patrick Blower9/10/09Presentation area at Piedmont Environmental
Ryan O'Donnell9/08/08IHM Church benches in Prayer garden
Andres Ballesteros3/09/09Composing for Cans
Daniel Loggins9/14/09Supplied gift bags of essentials to homeless shelters
Justin Davenport10/12/09Provided landscaping for Girl Scout Learning Center
Nick Zito10/12/09Gazibo for YWCA
Alex Allis1/11/10Made Shadow Boxes for Retirement home
Nick Murphy2/08/10Foot Bridge at Piedmont Environmental CenterPhotos
Dylan Shelton12-13-10Pet Waste Stations for the Piedmont Environmental Center
Dylan Gaffney08-2010Foot Bridge for the Piedmont Environmental Center
Travis9-2012Built Cubbies for SchoolPhotos
Alex9-2012Built Swing and refinished rockers at PECPhotos
Landon9-2012Built runner's station for schoolPhotos
Austin7-2013Coordinated interviews of veterans to be sent to the National Library of Congress; Veteran History Project
Carlo Ballesteros2014Collected and donated medical supplies.
Robbie Ledbetter2014My project is going to be a food and book drive. I want to collect 50 juice boxes and individually wrapped snacks as well as 200 books for Kids' Kafe at Parkview Elementary School. Kids' Kafe is an after school program led by my church. We go to Parkview Elementary School and tutor 20-30 kids as well as feed them a snack and dinner. Since the primary focus of the tutoring program centers on reading we need a lot of books. At this time we do not have enough books to effectively run the program. My church receives donations and help from the Second Harvest Food Bank for the nightly meals. The afternoon snacks come from individual donations from our church and community. Because of this there is often a lack of juice boxes and individually wrapped snacks. To rectify this I will make fliers attached to grocery bags and place them on the doors of houses in my community on a Saturday morning. A week later, we will go back to collect the donated juice boxes, snacks, and books; and then label the books according to their reading level.
Parkview Elementary is in a really poor area of High Point, and the school also has some of the lowest test scores in the state. Kids' Kafe is in desperate need of juice boxes and books for the kids to read.
Scott Poston2014My completed project consists of three circular picnic tables with a protective stain that are currently located next to the concession stand/ office building of Phillips Park Soccer Complex. This will make the facilities much more welcoming and will provids the players, fans and families places to sit, eat, relax, etc.
Desmond Calhoun2014I will be designing, building, and installing an infromation kiosk at Hanging Rock State Park. THe kiosk will be placed at the park's Lower Cascades Trailhead, and will display information about the watersheads along the trail.
This project will be helpful, and is needed because there is currently no infromation kiosk for the Lower Cascades, and the information displayed in this new kiosk would be very helpful to visitors.
Rene Soto2015The project will consist of myself and fellow scouts/volunteers leaving bags at certain homes and retrieving the bags full with toiletries. I will then catalog the items collected and donate them to West End Ministries.
About 500 people a week come in to West End Ministries and the surrounding beneficiaries. They run out of supplies fairly quick. So by donating the items they need, they will have sufficient amount of supplies for months to come.
Noah Secor2015Trail Construction for Horsepower
Sean Vroom2015Protective Fence around spring at Greyson Highlands
Paul BuJrns2016Therapeutic Gardens for Horsepower
Will Allen2016Nature Trail Construction for Shadybrook Elementary
Joseph Burns2017GoFar Race Support Carts

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