Welcome to the Troop 26 Gallery. Here you will find pictures of our many outings. 

2018 Gallery

2018 Eagle Project Anthony

Southwest High School Outdoor Classroom

2017 Gallery

2017 Dragon's Tooth

Backpacking Trip/Arrow of Light Invitational to Dragon's Tooth VA

Logan's Eagle Project

Building above Ground Planters for the High Point Library

Oct 2017 Miracle Field Buddy's

Service Project Helping out at Miracle Field

2017 Highland Games Camporee

District Camporee with Highland Games Competition

Jacob's Eagle Project

Building a Fence for Southwest High School

2017 Sailing Outing

Sailing Trip

2017 Arrow of Light Crossover

Marcy 25, 2017 District Crossover

2016 Gallery

2016 Summer Camp

2016 Summer Camp

2016 Philmont Crew 717-S

July 2016 Philmont Trek 24

2016 Mt. Mitchell Backpacking

Philmont Shakedown Backpacking Trip. 40 lb Backpacks, 2 - 10 mile days

2016 Catholic Camporee

Every Patrol took home ribbons and the weather was beautiful for a welcome change.

2016 Gettysburg

What an incredible Historic Trip this year to Gettysburg National Park

2015 Gallery

2015 Richland Creek Zipline

Ziplining trip to Richland Creek with Useful Gadget Competition

2015 Council Camporee

The OA hosted a Council wide camporee which doubled as the Pack 16 Webelos Invitational

Tubing 2015

Summer Camp 2015

Zipline 2015

2014 Gallery

2013 Gallery

2013 Rifle Campout

2013 PamlicoSeaBase

2013 Backpacking John Rock

A successful trip to Asheville, where 23 scouts and adults split into two groups and hiked in 1 mile Friday night. The first year patrol took a 7 mile day hike to John Rock and back before dinner. The older patrols backpacked 9 miles Saturday before settling in at camp. Great trip.

2013 Picnic Tables

IHM needed 8 picnic tables stained for the new PLEC courtyard and Troop 26 scouts took on the challenge.

2013 Eagle Project - Scott

Piedmont Environmental Center needed a new mini-amphitheater built after a tree destroyed the existing one.

2013 Carolina Zipline

A new zipline venue and it didn't disappoint. This time we also had a lantern tour!

2012 Gallery

2012 Caving

2012 Carwash

2012 Catholic Camporee

Yes, It rained. That\'s how it happens every year, but that didn\'t stop us from having a great time. Austin and Travis were presented their Ad Altare Dei religious emblem.

2012 Zip Line Campout

This will be one for future trips. All the scouts loved the Zip Line!

2012 Backpacking Grandfather

14.5 miles was a challenge, but our scouts were up to it!

2012 Virginia Creeper

One of our favorites. The best weather we\'ve had in a long time. The ride was good with a great Campfire Program later Saturday night.

2012 Hagen Sea Base

2012 Fall Zip Line

Another great time zip lining! We also had some good times cooking over a fire and learning some skills.

2012 Ravens Knob

Ravens Knob camping trip with the Pack 16 Webelos

2012 Eagle Project - Travis

Travis headed up building cubby\'s for his brother\'s special needs school.

2012 Summer Camp

Another great year at camp. Staff changed dramatically and things weren\'t as smooth as last year, but the scouts still had a great time despite the 100+ degree weather.

Venture Patrol Linville Backpacking

23.5 miles of HARD backpacking! This was certainly the challenge our Scouts were looking for and then some.

2011 Gallery

2011 Council Camporee

You don\'t see thousands of scouts getting together very often and this was a trip that our scouts will remember for a long time.

2011 VA Creeper

Good weather, good venue, good company; What else could you want. Excellent trip!

2011 Catholic Camporee

Always a top-notch program. Hence, we always attend. Our scout were also top-notch performing well together. I\'m proud of our scouts!

2011 Hanging Rock with Webelos

I believe this is the first trip where the Webelos attended one of our campouts. The campout was a huge success, as all the scouts had a great time. Bob organized a round robin/compass course for our 3 patrols to compete against each other. It was very well organized and our boys did a great job. The campfire program was put together by Austin, the acting SPL and he also did a good job! Enjoy the pictures.

2011 Washington DC

It was great to visit our Nation\'s Capital. Enjoy the many pictures that we selected from over hundreds of pictures taken.

2011 Uwharrie Backpack

We had some good weather for backpacking; 60\'s during the day and high 30\'s at night. We had two scouts who have never been on a backpacking trip, and they were very good at it!

2011 Whitewater Rafting

Our first Venture Patrol outing and it didn\'t disappoint!

2011 Summer Camp

Barnhardt never lets us down. This was out most successful trip to Camp Barnhardt to date!

2011 Fall Court of Honor

We\'re all proud of our sons!

2011 Pilot Mnt Rock Climbing

The weather was perfect for climbing, I think. This was our first trip rock climbing and repelling, and it was a success. Enjoy all the pictures!

2011 Canoe on the New River

What a great canoe trip. Despite the quick change in temperature and rain, our scouts still know how to have a great time!

2011 Cookout

1st Annual Year End Cookout

2011 Grayson Highlands Backpacking

Cold and fun!

2010 Gallery

2010 Webelos Crossover Campout

It was a wet one this year. It was raining during the entire hour and a half ceremony. Don setup an orienteering course for 6 scouts to learn their way with a compass and map.

2010 Catholic Jamboree

Our scouts joined over 800 other Scouts to enjoy this wonderful event. 3 States, 5 Diocese, 50+ Troops were represented. This was one not to miss.

2010 Scouting for Food

The Webelos II scouts helped us this year. Enjoy these pictures by Nick A.

2010 Kings Mountain

This was the typical Boy Scout camp out and it was a good one. There was a cooking competition, a 7 mile hike, and a campfire program that was the best one yet!

2010 District Banquet

Troop 26 and Pack 16 hosted the annual District Banquet adult award ceremony at IHM. We arrived early to setup, performed the opening and closing ceremonies, and cleaned up. Andreas received the Eagle Scout of the year for the Akela district (out of 44 Eagles), and Jeff received his leadership knot!

2010 VA Creeper

We had two groups this year, the 17 milers and the 51 milers. The weather couldn\'t have been better for the ride, although later in we did get some rain. This is one of the best trips we attend.

2010 Bryson City Tubing

The last trip of the year before summer camp, and it was a good one. The water was cold, but just like a pool you get used to it fairly quick. Enjoy the pictures.

2010 District Camporee

Cameras were not plentiful this trip, but Bob did happen to take some snapshots of our scouts during lunch.

2010 Grayson Highlands

Perfect weather makes for a wonderful backpacking trip. We split into 2 groups, one for our beginner backpackers and one for our more advanced scouts.

2010 Bear Island

A combined canoe and beach trip. One to remember!

2010 Summer Camp

The theme was 100 Years of Scouting and Barnhardt did not disappoint. 17 of our young men attended camp this year and had a blast as they learned new skills.

National Jamboree 2010

Austin\'s Experience

2010 Morrow Mountain

This was an advancement campout where our older scouts helped the younger. It was a success and several requirements were worked on, even though we had freezing rain most of the day Saturday.

2009 Gallery

VA Creeper June 2009

The weather couldn't have been better for the Saturday morning 17 mile bike ride, the scenery was wonderful, and the boys and adults had a great time.

Uwharrie - Yates Place 2009

Primitive camping (no running water) in the Uwharrie National Forest. Scouts were able to accomplish compass and cooking skills. Also, the troop properly retired 15 U.S. flags.

Color Guard - Downtown Freedom Rally 2009

Troop 26 shows off it's Colors Guard skills!

Catholic Camporee March 2009

The weather for this annual event is just harsh to us. Saturday just before noon the rain started and didn't let up until later in the evening. Last year the weather was much harsher with rain, sleet, hail, and snow!

Woodfield Webelos Crossover April 2009

The Annual Webelos crossover ceremony. Pack 16 really knows how to put on a great show. The boys who crossed over that night will have wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Summer Camp 2009

This year at Camp John J. Barnhardt was a success. The theme was prehistoric and the boys had a great time acting like cavemen all week. We had 19 boys, 4 leaders and a couple parents attend camp.

Nick Zito Eagle Project

Thanks to all the help and donations, this was finished in 2 weekends of work and the YWCA absolutely loves it. An Eagle project should be something that I can look back at and have a good sence of accomplishment. This project, I feel has that. Thanks to all who helped make this happen. Nick

2009 NYLT

Five our our scouts attended the Old Hickory Council NYLT. They spent 6 days over 2 long weekends learning how to become better leaders. They came back fired up and immediately started using those skills and giving back to the troop. (out of 2400 pictures taken, I selected 178 for the website!)

2009 Nov CoH

November 2009 Court of Honor. We had special guests from the Old Hickory council, Godfather and Kojak, to honor 4 of our scouts who attended NYLT a few months ago.

2009 USS Yorktown

2009 District Camporee

The Akela District Camporee started off a bit rocky when the coordinator for the event did not show up. The leaders didn't flinch and proceeded to coordinate their own day with a meeting in the morning. Our scouts had a chance to show off their skills in various ways.

2009 OA Ordeal

Daniel, Nicolo, Alex, Travis, Scotty, and Dan the Scoutmaster were all elected by the troop to become members of the Order of the Arrow. Very few pictures were taken because I was not allowed to bring my camera during my own ordeal.

2009 Raven Knob Canoe MB

We were very fortunate to have Mr. Shawn O'Donnell to teach our scouts the Canoe merit Badge. And as an added bonus Ryan and Suzanne came as well! Check out all the fun we had.

2009 Linville Gorge

This was a backpacking trip to remember. We started from the Spence Trail parking area and headed west down to the cool man-made bridge. Then headed south along the river until we found a nice camping area. The rain held off until late Saturday night, but Sunday we had rain all day.

2008 Gallery

Summer Camp 2008

VA Creeper June 2008

What a trip! One of the highlights of the year. 17 miles of mostly downhill riding, took us 5 hours with a lunch break. This is a trip that will be repeated often.

Pilot Mountain November 2008

The hike from the family campground to the top of Pilot Mountain was a moderate trail. With day packs on, we still had to stop a couple of times on the way up. We need to get in shape! :-)

Pre-2008 Gallery


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