Woodfield Crossover

Our April campout was to Woodfield to help the Pack 16 Webelos cross over into Boy Scouts. We got there around 10:00am on Saturday and set up camp. Then while the adults set up the orienteering course a few of us started playing Frisbee. Eventually all the other scouts joined in. Then when the leaders finished with the course, all of the scouts except for a few who had already taken an orienteering course with Mr. Don took it for rank advancement. The other scouts who already taken a course went to “Cub World” (aka the Pirate Ship and fishing area). While Nicolo, Carlo, and some cub scouts took the easy way down, Josh, Ross, Scott Martin, and Dylan Gaffney took several paths and got lost multiple times finally got it right and took a spider web-infested longer trail down. Finally we all came back and by then the orienteering course was done. When Josh, Ross, Scott Martin, and Dylan Gaffney finally got back from the long trail everyone was already eating lunch!! Plus, they took all the good bags of chips too. Then almost everyone went fishing at Cub World or the docks. A few of us tried to “Spear-Fish” but it didn’t work. Then we all headed to the Cub Scout’s campsite. There we ate dinner and it was delicious too. After dinner we played soccer with them and went to the crossover ceremony. 16 Webelos crossed over that night.  It rained almost the whole time. Finally after the crossover we headed back to camp and turned in. It had been a long day. The next morning we ate breakfast and packed up to go home. We arrived back at the church around 10:00am.

By: Joshua Kozuch

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