Belk Scout Camp Spring Camporee

           We left the church on Friday evening and arrived at camp while it was still light. The first thing we did was set up camp. Once we finished it was dark. Then we went to something where the older boys in our troop completed a uniform check on us. After that we came back to camp and had a cracker barrel. That is where you get together with your troop and you eat cookies.

Saturday morning we got up around 6:30, got dressed, grabbed our bags and went to breakfast which was at the mess hall. We then went to go start our first activity in the competition which was knot tying. Then we went and did orienteering and we had to get answers, write them down and then turn them in. I was the scribe so I had to write everything! Then we did an “A” frame which is knot tying along with sticks. We had to get two tall but skinny trees and we had to make an “A” and lash the sticks together. Then a person got on the “A” frame where the middle line was. There were four ropes attached to the top of the “A” and they had to pull each one which lifted up the legs of the “A” and we had to walk across a certain distance. Then we went to religious tying where we had to make a rosary bead. Then we took a break and ate lunch at the mess hall. The afternoon was filled with fun activities. After dinner we went to a big place with all the other troops to announce the awards from the day. It lasted about an hour and our patrol came in first place of the second class. After that we went back to the campsite and went to sleep.

Sunday morning we got up around 6:30 and we had to get our stuff and we went to breakfast. After breakfast, we went back and packed ourselves up. We then went back to the mess hall and attended a church service. Overall, we had good weather, but it was hot during the day.

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Isaac T. Sheehan

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