Cherokee Shooting Trip

          We left for Cherokee Scout Reservation on Friday evening. We arrived and began setting up camp. Five people in my patrol set up camp in one Adirondack. Later that night, we had a cracker barrel (cookies and a fire). Another patrol member came in our Adirondack to hang out and when he went to leave it was pouring down rain so he stayed and slept on our floor.

Saturday morning we got up, made breakfast on our stove then went to go clear leaves out of a ditch to help the water drain when it rained. That took about one and a half hours, which was our service project. After that we went back and chilled for about an hour, ate lunch and then another patrol member decided to sleep on the floor of our Adirondack. Then we went out shooting for about three hours. We shot bow and arrows and shotguns. Once we got back another patrol member decided to hammock in our Adirondack along with me. We ended up with eight people in one Adirondack! Once the eighth person moved in, we made a swing and hung out until dinner. It rained non-stop all night!

Sunday morning we ate breakfast, packed up and I got soaked in the rain (and it was cold)! We got back to church by 11:00!

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Isaac T. Sheehan

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