Richland Creek Zipline Trip

On dates Oct. 16th-18th, we went on a camping trip to Richland Ziplining. We left at around 5:30pm to 6:00pm. We unpacked in an empty field that was not mowed. The grass was about 4 feet tall! It emptied out because we kept walking on it, though. It got darker and colder by the minuet. The night was brutal because the majority of us slept in hammocks.


Day 2 came. We woke up at around 7:00am. Everything was somewhat dark and very cold. We started off the day with the Purple Platypi eating a food called Mountain Man and the Chomping Waffles eating breakfast burritos. After breakfast we had a flag ceremony. We didn’t have an official flag pole, so we used a tree with some rope. It went well; just pulling the flag up the tree was somewhat difficult. After the flag ceremony came the main part of the trip. Zip Lining. We had to walk for quite a while to the area to start zip lining. We went on 15 different lines that were pretty short but fun. The longest one was 1400 feet long. On one of the lines, one of the staff members bounced the line when people got on it. Some people enjoyed it, some people didn’t. After zip lining, we ate lunch. The Platypi and the Beavers/Waffles ate subs. We had a competition after lunch. Whichever patrol that could make a mobile device that can transport one scout from one place to another. It was a race that involved transportation points, like more lashings, more points, bigger scout transported, more points, less feet, more points, etc. The Platypi dominated the Beavers/Waffles in the actual race part in the competition by 14 seconds, but add on the points, and the Beavers/Waffles won statistically. They won a pear cobbler. If they wanted to share, they could, which they did. The winners weren’t announced until after dinner, though. For dinner, the Platypi had burgers while the Beavers/Waffles had chicken alfredo.  After dinner and the cobbler was all eaten, we had a campfire. Everyone had skits set up, ready to be played. Then we all went to bed, colder than ever. Some people were smart and layered their clothes, while others froze in their sleep.


The final day came, and everyone packed up, had breakfast, and left. We arrived at the church at 10:20. Everyone got their stuff, put it in their cars, and left. If I had a choice, I would do this again.

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