Wilderness Cove Tubing Trip

On dates Sept. 18th-20th, Troop 26 went on a tubing trip in class 1-2 rapids at Wilderness Cove Tubing at 3772 Green River Cove Rd, Saluda North Carolina. 11 scouts and 4 adults went, as a total of 15 people went on the trip. We left after everything was put in the trailer at 5:30pm. It was an approximately 3 hour drive to the campsite. We got there at around 9:00pm. Everyone got their stuff out of the trailer and put it in their tent whenever it was put up. There was a PLC held after everyone was in bed. They were talking about what the plan was for tomorrow. Then, Day 2 came.


Everyone woke up at 6:00am and started cooking breakfast. After breakfast, we took a hike to Triple Falls at 10:00am. That’s the place where the Hunger Games was made at the waterfall scene. That was a side trip we got to do for fun. Then we got back at 12:00pm to make lunch. We had to make it quick too. Or at least, the Chomping Beavers, aka, the younger group. Everyone made sandwiches while on the other hand, the Chomping Beavers made Stir Fry, which was delicious. We had to leave to go tubing at 1:00pm, which is why the Chomping Beavers had to cook so fast. Then came the actual point of this trip. Tubing. We went over safety procedures before we went in the water. Then we grabbed a tube and jumped into the somewhat freezing river water. The tubing was 3 hours long. It’s a one way trip down the river. There is a bus at the end to come pick you up and take you back to camp. There are rope swings that you pass by down the river. You are able to get on them and swing into the water. Just watch out for other people such as paddle boarders, kayakers, tubers, etc. There are 3 different rope swings that we saw, but there are probably more that we just haven’t seen. There was a good, reasonable amount of injuries had there. Then came dinner. We had a campfire to cook our food over if we needed to, which one of the patrols did. Finally, there was bed time. Then, final day. Day 3.

For day 3, we just packed up, put everything in the trailer, and made a police line to pick up trash around the campsite. Then, we ate Pop tarts and left. Again, it was a 3 hour trip back to the church. Then we unloaded the trailer, got our stuff, and went home. Over all, it was a great trip that we could do again.

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