Toiletries for Open Door Ministries Eagle Project

Open Door Ministries, because of the economy, has had a decrease in donations and an increased demand for their services. The budget they used to buy toiletries for the residents of the shelter has been cut by 50%. They no longer have money to spend on the basic toiletry needs of the men who reside there. With the toiletry kits I am providing, the shelter will be able to hand them out to the men to keep for the duration of their stay at Open Door Ministries. The 500 kits I am making will be enough to last the Ministry a year. I am also providing large plastic containers that will be used for the storage of the toiletry kits.

In addition to the kits, the men are also given a towel, bed sheets, and a pillow case, though I will not be providing those items. When the men are given these belongings, it not only provides for basic needs, but it also gives them some dignity after the humiliating experience of being homeless.
For my Eagle Scout Project I will be assembling 500 Toiletry Kits for Open Door Ministries, a homeless shelter for men, in High Point, North Carolina. The shelter has received several budget cuts and one of those was the money that was used to buy toiletry items for the men.

The toiletry kits will include…
-2 Razors

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