Catholic Camporee 2013

2013 Catholic CamporeeThis past weekend the troop went on our yearly trip to the catholic camporee! I knew that it would be a fun weekend the second I arrived at the church. After we left we spent the next two and a half hours working on our patrol yells and skits. When we got there the whole troop went to the dining hall to get our inspections done and turn in our cans that we donated, both patrols did very good. After the inspections we set up our tents and had a little cracker barrel and headed to bed. The next morning we got up early and headed to breakfast, after breakfast we got our things together for the activities that we would be doing that day. For the next couple of hours both patrols did about half of their activities which included the mystery event, knot tying, skit presentation and the bear bag station. We headed to lunch after the couple of activities and then got the rest of our things together for the afternoon activities. Then after all of the activities were done for both patrols we had some free time before dinner so some of us threw the football around until we went to dinner. After everybody ate as much cookies as they could fit in their mouth at dinner we went back to camp and got ready for the campfire we were going to have that night. The campfire was very fun; there were songs to sing and funny skits to watch. Even the Ghost Riders got to perform their skit that Mr. Garmer loved. The campfire was fun but it came to an end after about an hour or so. After that some people headed to bed after a long day followed by the rest not long after.

2013 Catholic CamporeeThe next morning after a good nights rest everybody took down their tents, ate breakfast and got ready to go to mass with the bishop. After mass we quickly headed out because most of the scouts were very eager to get to McDonalds. McDonalds was fun after watching everybody stuffing their stomachs. We then headed back to the church after a long weekend. Over all the weekend was very fun and we had great weather, great spirit and an awesome staff. I cannot wait to go next year.

Anthony Martone

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