Grayson Highlands Backpacking Trip

Grayson HighlandsThe Grayson Highlands Trip was fun, rocky, and not as cold as last year! The troop was separated into two groups, scouts going on the long hard 11-mile trek or the 5-mile day hike, not saying that 5-miles on foot isn’t hard though.We hiked about 1 ½ miles to get to base camp. We got there late, so we just went to bed.

The 11-milers got up quick and headed out while the day hikers stayed back with the wild pony’s for a little bit. The 11 mile trek went through hard, rocky,mountain like terrain with an absolutely beautiful view. You could even see Beech Mountain! The Scouts who trekked the 11 miles went through mud and rock for about 9.4 miles and finally found a nice place to camp. We fixed up dinner, sang some songs, told some stories and headed to bed. We woke up, packed up and hiked the last 1.6 miles at a nice pace of 5.3 mph (pretty darn good with 20lb’s on your back). We were racing the younger scouts who had taken a different path back to the parking lot, practically running across the trail just to find that they beat us!

The scouts who went on the day hike went up to Mt. Rogers and hiked back to the base camp, which was a five mile trek through rocky and steep terrain. They hiked over the little mountains on the mountain and through cold wind blown mountainous plains, a pretty good run for there first times. They went back to the parking lot the same way the left it.

Both terrains that the troop hiked through were beautiful. Just like something you would see in the Scottish highlands, not to much in Virginia. Alas, we eventually we had to leave the amazing land and head back home.

– Ethan Palmer

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