Ravens Knob Camping Trip

Written By: Ethan

Ziplining The Ravens Knob trip was definitely one to remember. As we were driving in the night we saw the wildfire on Pilot Mountain. We were all amazed by the sight! The Webelos from Pack 16 tagged along with us and from what it seems, they had a blast. The Webelos were assigned to each of the Boy Scout patrols. We started out Saturday hiking up and down Ravens Knob. The top was covered by trees but at some little ledges, it was a truly beautiful view.

During the trip, we all worked on different scouting skills like First Aid, Knots, Orienteering and Fire Building. After learning these skills, we had a competition. There were four stations placed all around Ravens Knob. We had to use orienteering to find them, and then the other skills would be used to complete the tasks at the stations. Once you found all four stations and completed all four tasks, you had to get back to camp, build a fire, burn the rope over the fire, and then you were done. They split us up into competition groups named Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta. We had all made group flags and yells to scream and holler whenever we saw a different group. Beta came in first, Charlie in second, Delta in third and Alpha, fourth. The winning team’s prize was a yummy peach cobbler, made by Mr. Wilson.

After the competition, we had a campfire program and Troop 39 decided to join us for some skits. We all presented our skits and songs and we had a great time. The Webelos liked the songs and skits like “Draw” and “Alligator”. After the skits, Austin played “Kum By Ya” and we all gathered around the campfire, which was nice and warm compared to the chilly night breeze, and sang with him. Eventually, we all got back to the campsite after telling ghost stories and got some sleep before the long ride home the next day.

-Ethan Palmer-

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