Ziplining Trip

Ziplining The Zip-Line trip has now come and gone. The new yearly trip was a blast! A bunch us of decided to sleep under the stars. Well you know, waking up at five in the morning hearing coyotes howling in the woods and an obnoxious rooster crowing isn’t all that terribly great, but over all, it was pretty cool. Especially since the night sky was clear and bright and there were a few shooting stars here and there.

On Saturday morning we headed off to the Zip Line. On the V.I.P. line, as we call it, many people got a little bounce on that one. From first timers to old timers, we all had a good time. On the big one, lots of scouts did flips and twists.

We came back to the camp sites, some of us with snow cones in our hands. Then we started building our fire and cooking for our over-the-fire cooking competition. The No Names cooked chili, and the Flaming Wolves and the Knights cooked beef stew. After the competition, we did a little campfire program. We all preformed skits, sang songs, and told ghost stories and all that fun stuff around a big camp fire. That night even more of us slept out under the Stars. Wow what an awesome trip!

Click here for Ziplining trip pictures.

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