Grandfather Mountain Backpacking Trip

The Troop met at IHM church around 6:45am. We left the church at 7:30 after packing up and headed off toward Boone. My father, Mr. Secor drove as did Mr. Garmer and Mr. Vroom.  As we rode up next to Mr. Vroom, Alex, Sebastian and I were singing Freak on a Leash by Korn and we were head banging which caused a good laugh between us and Mr. Vroom, Shaun, and Paul. The ride up was great. Landon gave me a sausage and egg biscuit from McDonalds when we stopped on the way. The weather on Saturday was AMAZING! It was sunny with clear skies and around 60 degrees! We hiked around 7 miles and could see the Blue Ridge Parkway and the awesome mountains. There were some great views and we met some friendly people. As night fell the weather changed drastically. It dropped to around freezing, clouds blew in, and the wind picked up. I greatly appreciated my 0 degree sleeping bag with a silk liner. We awoke to sleet, which turned into rain, and finally snow. The 7-1/2 miles hiked to the end of the trail took about 5 hours. The precipitation slowed our pace down and the adults were a little behind the older scouts due to miscommunication. When we finally got to the end, it was very cold and snowing like crazy. The Parkway was closed due to bad weather causing the adults to take a winding road around the barricades to get to the cars. When we got back to Boone, we all enjoyed warm meals and drinks at McDonalds and a warm ride home.
By: Noah Secor

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