Grayson Highlands Backpacking

Written By: Anthony

Mount rogers a very beautiful and exciting place. That was where me and nine other scouts went for our two night stay in the snowy, icy, and cold mountains. When we got out of the cars at the bottom of the mountain I could already tell that this was going to be one heck of a weekend.

We left the parking lot at about six o clock from the church and it took us a little bit more than two hours to get there so we started the trail at about eight thirty. We had to then walk one mile to our campsite. By the time we got there it was ten forty five. Then we had to set up our backpacking tents and get everything we need out of our backpacks. Everyone was in their tents by eleven thirty, and my bed was not as warm as I thought because it was in the teens at night. The troop and I also didn’t expect snow to be on the ground when we got there.

In the morning we had breakfast which was the usual oatmeal granola bars or freeze dried breakfast . After breakfast when everybody’s fingers weren’t frozen anymore we packed for our hike to the top of mount rogers. We got to Thomas’s nob at about two o clock then we ate lunch and filtered some more water. Next we started on our way back at about three. Our troop S. P. L.said that we needed to pick up the pace so we could get back by sunset. So we got back to camp at around five o clock. We all made our freeze dried food which was not my favorite. All of us were done with dinner at about six thirty and then all of us went to bed.

After the long night we all got up in the morning and started packing. It took me a while to pack up because I learned a valuble lesson that trip. The lesson was that you NEED to watch what you pack and don’t pack too much. So after I packed everything Mr. Bob helped me tighten the straps on my pack and then we were on our way to the parking lot. When we finally got to the parking lot I was excited to be on our way home after the cold weekend. I definetly wanted to be on a cruise with Mr. Dan. 🙂  Overall the backpacking trip was eventful and I definetly learned valuable lessons.  I will remember this trip for a long time.

More photos our our trip!


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