Skills Challenge and Webelos Invitational

Ravens Knob, a beautiful and exciting campground. That’s where we were headed for a two-night-stay. As we loaded up the trailer I already could feel the temperature dropping. At that moment I could tell that my toes were in for some fun. During the hour and fifteen minute car ride Troop 26’s Scouts and Pack 16’s Webelos anticipation to grew. When we got to Ravens Knob we started looking for our campsite and eventually found it. We soon realized that we were at the higher elevations in the camp and decided to find a campsite at a lower elevation in search of warmer temperatures. We checked in with the Ranger, switched camps and got to work setting up our tents in the dark. Despite the cold the scouts were excited and chatter could be heard from the tents for several hours after lights out.

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast, which for my patrol was sausage, pancakes, and orange juice. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for K.P., which we would do after our hike. After a flag raising ceremony we geared up for our adventurous hike to “The Knob”. As our adrenaline rushed from the climbing we all knew that something was waiting for us at the top. That something was the five-million dollar view. It was absolutely amazing, and we all agreed that the hike was definitely worth it. After that we came down and did K.P. from breakfast, and started lunch which was simply lunch meat. Lunch was followed by some free time, where scouts were able to unwind before we rolled into the afternoon activities. In the afternoon we did what we called a round robin which is where you rotate stations to absorb as much information as possible and these skills would be used for a skills challenge. When everyone finished we were briefed on the rules of the skills challenge. Here is how it works, you go to four stations orienteering, first aid, scout spirit and knots then come back to camp and build a fire high enough to burn the rope at the top. For my patrol our first station was first aid where we preformed some first aid procedures, second was orienteering skills where we measured distance and degrees, third was knots where we all worked together to tie four knots, and finally fourth was scout spirit where we talked mainly about what scout spirit is and what it means. Shortly after that we came back to camp and tried to make our fire burn the rope, which was difficult but with teamwork wasn’t too bad.
Next we lowered the flags because it was about sunset. Right after that we had dinner. After dinner we did K.P. and headed for the big campfire. At the campfire we song some songs and did some cool and funny skits. One funny skit was a skit called olla where a special visitor comes and climbs a tree and eventually falls. Then we ended it off with a flag retirement ceremony. When it was done we headed to camp and had our own campfire, where we told spooky stories. I liked Tailey Poe, a spooky story that was a little scary and a bit funny. It was late, we had a packed day, so we headed to the tents and the chatter from the night before was absent.

The next morning we ate breakfast and packed up. Then we took down the tent. After that we had our Sunday prayer service and then headed home. Despite the cold weather I think we all agreed that we had a great time. By Andrew Danko
Here are the pictures from the trip.


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  1. What a great article Andrew! It was great to have the Webelos II from Pack 16 join us on this trip. I believe we showed them a little bit of what the Boy Scouts of America is about. Looking forward to next year’s Webelos campout. 🙂

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