Pilot Mountain Rock Climbing

This was our first attempt at rock climbing and it was a huge success. The scouts had the opportunity to climb and repel from 70 foot rock faces.  A Scout is Brave!

The day started at 6am.  The scouts got themselves together and cooked their breakfast in the dark.  At 8am up on top of the mountain it was cold and windy.  We met our guides from The Ultimate Climbing Gym, and as soon as we hit the trail to head down to the climbing area the wind subsided and the temperature rose quickly that morning to a very nice 65 degrees.  John and Brian were top-notch guides and perfect for our troop.  They were no non-sense, kept our scouts focused on the importance of following the rules, and everyone was very aware why.

We had two climbing ropes and the the scouts split into two groups.  They rotated with each other climbing the two different routes.  After about 2.5 hours we moved up to repel.  Some scouts have repelled before and had no problem trusting the system to lower them safely to the ground.  Some scouts attempted, but after starting down decided they wanted nothing to do with it and were pulled up.  And then some scouts choose not to repel but watch the others.

Back at camp, we had lunch and learned a bit about the knots needed for the Climbing Merit Badge.  There are 5: Figure 8 with a bite, Figure 8 follow thru, safety knot, Double Fisherman, and the water knot.  Scouts who want to earn the Climbing Merit Badge need to contact Mr. Chris, our new Climbing MB Counselor.

We always have a nice fire after dinner and simply enjoyed each others company. Sunday morning we had an Interfaith worship service and headed home.  All in all, it was a very successful trip and I am looking forward to more trips like this one.

Here are the pictures from the trip.  Enjoy.

Yours in Scouting,

Scoutmaster Dan

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