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Uwharrie National Forest Backpacking

Uwharrie National Forest Backpacking

February 26-28



 We arrived at the camp around 8:00 pm and everyone hiked in a mile to where we stayed the first night. It got down to about 20 degrees that night.



 We all woke up around 7:00 am and went off. After a while we broke up into two groups, the guys who were going to Philmont, and the first time backpackers.  The Philmont guys went 9 miles on a big loop, while the younger guys went on a smaller loop. We all met up around 4 pm and we hung around and made a fire. We all had Jambalaya with summer sausage for dinner.



 We woke up at 7am and headed off. We walked about 2 miles then we got to the parking lot. We then had our worship service and headed home.  


By Will


Grayson Highlands Backpacking

Troop 26 went to Grayson Highland Virginia State Park for a backpacking trip. We were accompanied by two scouts who used to be in our troop. There were four new scouts on this trip.On Friday December 12th we split our backpacking equipment up to even out the load and then we left for Grayson highlands. We arrived at 10:00 at night. The temperature was below freezing. We put our packs on and hiked in a mile to our site. We then set up camp in the dark. On Saturday we all woke and ate our own food that we cooked our selves.The scouts who have gone on backpacking trips packed up their tents and left around 8:30 a.m. The younger scouts went on a five mile day hike to the top of Mount Rogers the tallest peak in Virginia. The older scouts hiked 10 miles and camped somewhere different from the younger scouts. There were many wild horses on the trail. On Sunday we all packed up camp and headed for the parking lot the older scouts got their last. Then we all left.

By Eric

John Rock Backpacking Trip 2013

Long Trek:

The Troop met at the church at 5:30 and we gave out the tents and stoves for us to divide up. Soon after that we hit the road for the trip, we got there at ten o clock pm we gathered our packs and hit the trail for a little over a mile hike into our camp site. We broke up into two groups Friday night. Saturday morning the nine longer trek guys set off for the hike to the other campsite. About half way through the hike we had lunch. After that we dropped our packs and climbed John Rock.2013 Backpacking John Rock It was about a three mile hike up and down. After that we got our backs and went on. We went about five miles and stopped at a shelter to refill our water bottles. Five of us went to the campsite before the rest. It was about two more miles to the campsite. When we all got there we put up our tents and had dinner. After dinner we all shared our favorite scout memories around the camp fire. Sunday morning we packed up and got on the trail to the parking lot. When we got there we sat around for about an hour for the shorter trek guys. We hiked 13 miles that weekend.

On our way home we stopped in Asheville and stopped at the McDonald near Biltmore for lunch. It was really fancy with chandeliers and a self playing piano. All and all it was a great trip with great weather.

By: Will

Base Camp:

After packing up at the church, we climbed into the cars. It was a 3 hour trip. After we got to the parking lot we slung on our packs. It was a long and muddy walk up. There were a bunch of cross roads but we picked the right ones. When we finally got to Cat Gap, We had to switch campsites because other people were there. We caught up with the guys that where doing the 10 miler. They helped us put up our tents and then headed on up the trail.

Le and Mr. Scott were the first ones up the next morning. They lit up their stoves and were already having a pretty good breakfast when everyone woke up. After that the hot chocolate became GOLD because it was so cold. After breakfast, we got some food in or small packs and a few other essential things. It was a pretty boring hike, punctured only when we switched leaders or found a cool landmark. After awhile we found Mrs. Martone making coffee. She encouraged us on. After awhile, people started getting short of breath. After a painful 500 meters we reach John Rock. Then we had a wonderful lunch of dried stuff, bars, and water. Then we went on to a cold, rocky ledge. We took a nice long break. We took a different way back to base camp so we could purify water.

We took about 50 tries to get our fire going..2013 Backpacking John Rock We then cooked up some food, Then Mr. Scott told a few riddles, and encouraged everyone to join in. Then he told us about the death of Edgar Allen Poe. Then we turned in for the night.

The next morning we ate breakfast. Then we did a patrol line and picked up trash got packed up and headed down the mountain way faster then going up. We caught up with the 10 milers did a circle up and prayed. We loaded up the cars and headed home.

By Le

Grayson Highlands Backpacking Trip

Grayson HighlandsThe Grayson Highlands Trip was fun, rocky, and not as cold as last year! The troop was separated into two groups, scouts going on the long hard 11-mile trek or the 5-mile day hike, not saying that 5-miles on foot isn’t hard though.We hiked about 1 ½ miles to get to base camp. We got there late, so we just went to bed.

The 11-milers got up quick and headed out while the day hikers stayed back with the wild pony’s for a little bit. The 11 mile trek went through hard, rocky,mountain like terrain with an absolutely beautiful view. You could even see Beech Mountain! The Scouts who trekked the 11 miles went through mud and rock for about 9.4 miles and finally found a nice place to camp. We fixed up dinner, sang some songs, told some stories and headed to bed. We woke up, packed up and hiked the last 1.6 miles at a nice pace of 5.3 mph (pretty darn good with 20lb’s on your back). We were racing the younger scouts who had taken a different path back to the parking lot, practically running across the trail just to find that they beat us!

The scouts who went on the day hike went up to Mt. Rogers and hiked back to the base camp, which was a five mile trek through rocky and steep terrain. They hiked over the little mountains on the mountain and through cold wind blown mountainous plains, a pretty good run for there first times. They went back to the parking lot the same way the left it.

Both terrains that the troop hiked through were beautiful. Just like something you would see in the Scottish highlands, not to much in Virginia. Alas, we eventually we had to leave the amazing land and head back home.

– Ethan Palmer

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