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Spring Court of Honor

Congratulations to the scouts who advanced in rank and earned Merit Badges.  Our scouts have worked hard and deserve to be recognized in a formal ceremony.  The Court of Honor has many other purposes as well including: witnessing their fellow scouts advance, perform in a flag ceremony, work on their Communication Merit Badge by being the Master of Ceremony, lead scouts to set and tear down, Public Speaking, etc.

I also have formally announced that the Troop will be implementing a three year term limit for the Scoutmaster position.  As I have said at the CoH, there are several reasons for this; primarily to keep the troop strong and perpetual.

Chris will be taking over as Scoutmaster in September and is currently working with me to have a good pass-down.   His attention to detail, love for the scouting program, and many years a scouter make him an excellent choice.  I’m looking forward to working with him as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Yours in Scouting,

Scoutmaster Dan

Fall Court of Honor

A night to celebrate our sons achievements.  In their busy lives, they still find time to work on their advancements and merit badges.  We are proud our of scouts as they learn many life long skills and values.  Our scouts also earned 42 merit badges!  Congratulations to the following scouts who earned the following Ranks:

Scout: Logan, Henry, and Braxton

Tenderfoot: Austin

First Class: Noah, and Rene

Star: Paul, Sean and Evan L.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Yours in Scouting,

Scoutmaster Dan


Court of Honor

The Court of Honor is a time when we acknowledge the accomplishments of our scouts.  In these times, our society pulls our sons in many different directions; i.e. school, band, church, game consoles, girls, cars, etc.  It is admirable that our scouts choose to attend meetings, campouts, and work on advancements.  We should be proud.
Our Troop is indeed Scout led and our scouts are proud of that.  The Court of Honor is no exception.  The SPL, Austin, and the Master of Ceremonies, Desmond, ran the show and it went very smoothly.  They did a great job.

We also had special guests from the Old Hickory Council to speak about the NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) and awarded four of our scouts with their “wings”.  NYLT closely aligns itself with the Woodbadge, an adult leadership training.  The Old Hickory Council thought NYLT leaves out an important part of the Woodbadge program; performing a task for home troop.  The scouts choose what they would like to do for their troop, get their scoutmasters permission, and perform the task.  Here is what each scout accomplished.

  • Desmond: MC for Court of Honor. Desmond did a fantastic job; he’s a natural public speaker.
  • Landon: Realistic First-Aid.  Invited two guests, a CPR certified trainer and a Doctor to two of our weekly meetings to help our scouts learn more about first-aid.
  • Alex: Presentation on a couple NYLT Topic’s; Leading EDGE, SMART goals, etc.  I think he has hooked a few scouts into going to NYLT.
  • Austin: Make troop 26 more “Boy Led”.  Austin visited 3 local troops to glean information from them.  He learned what to do and what NOT to do from these troops and presented this info to our scouts.
  • Ross: will run for SPL next year to earn his wings.

I’m proud of our scouts for putting forth the effort towards our troop!

Here are the pictures of the event.