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Summer Camp 2014

The troop had a great time this summer at Camp Boddie, where 36 scouts enjoyed learning new scouting skills, took various merit badge classes and enjoyed the perfect summer camp weather.Summer Camp 2014

The legendary summer camp experience began at 10:00 am when everyone met at the church, loaded up the trailer and piled into the cars for our three hour drive to Camp Boddie. About half way through the drive we stopped at Mcdonalds for lunch, and continued on for the rest of the trip. We reached the camp around 4:00 and we were greeted by our camp guides Ellen and Jeremy, who gave us a tour of the camp, since our troop was new to Camp Boddie.Summer Camp 2014
By the time we got done with the tour it was time for dinner, so everyone put on their class A’s and headed out to the dining hall, where we got the first taste of the camp food (which was not too bad). We then had to go straight from the dining hall to the “ool” (there is no “p” in the pool) to take our swim tests. When this was over we hiked back to our campsite to finish unloading the trailer before we headed off to the campfire. At the campfire we got the chance to meet the staff for the week and they all did a skit. When the campfire was over we finished unpacking and we to bed.

The typical day at summer camp was as follows: the troop would wake up early (some scouts got up 45 minutes earlier than the rest to go running) to get our campsite ready for inspection. After this the troop headed off to breakfast. At breakfast we often had bacon that was in the shape of an 8, which tasted really good to most of the troop. Shortly after breakfast our merit badge classes began. Our merit badges ranged from Metalworking to Shotgun Shooting to Space Exploration. I think that many of the scouts enjoyed their merit badge classes and trying out new things. The new scouts in the troop went to a first year program where they spent time learning basic scouting skills. It seemed like they really enjoyed it. On Thursday night they got to go camping outside of the troop with the scouts that were in their patrols during the program. Before lunch we would have three merit badge sessions and when they were over everyone headed back to the campsite. Noah, our SPL, would take a quick head count and before we headed off to lunch. After lunch most of the scouts had about an hour before their next class started so they hung around camp or went to the trading post. We all had three more merit badge sessions in the afternoon. Afterwords, the troop would met up at the campsite for dinner where we put our uniforms on and headed out. Summer Camp 2014
After dinner we had free time activities or “twilight activities”, where the scouts could go swimming, canoeing, rifle shooting etc. After twilight activities were over, the scouts headed back to the campsites to get ready for bed.
Tuesday at camp was the Order of the Arrow day and they had a tap-out ceremony that night. For those of you that do not know, the Order of the Arrow is it is scouting honor society where scouts must get voted in by their troop based on how well these scouts live the scout oath and law in their daily lives. We had four scouts get tapped out for the order: Anthony Martone, Matthew Garmer, Logan Berg, and Chris Wilson. Congratulations to these scouts!

Friday was sports day at camp but it rained most of the day. This did not stop us from have fun. At the campsite the scouts had tug-of-war contests with the staff in the pouring rain. The loser of the contest would end up in the mud below the center of the rope.
Summer camp was a lot of fun and I think that everyone enjoyed it. Camp Boddie was a lot of fun and I am sure everybody will remember this experience for the rest of their lives.

By: Sean

2014 Stone Mountain Fishing Trip

Stone mountain fishing trip
On Friday evening the troop met at the IHM to pack up the trailer, sort the boys, and head off to stone mountain. After a couple of hours the troop arrived and set up camp for the night.
On Saturday morning, the troop got up bright and early to make breakfast and get ready for the day. After breakfast, the leaders helped the scouts learn a few fishing knots. Some of the knots they learned were the Blood knot, the Surgeon’s knot, and the Arbor knot. It was a lot of fun and the scouts did knot want to stop. Everyone then made lunch and ate, followed by some free time.
Then the troop drove to the river and began fishing. The scouts had a lot of fun Flyfishing and regular fishing, but nobody was able to reel one in. I suppose word got around the river that Troop 26 would be there.
After a couple of hours the troop drove back to the campsite and made dinner. Next, the scouts went to the Webelo’s crossing-over ceremony to help welcome the rising Cub Scouts. The ceremony went well and the scouts all went back to the campsite with the former Webelos to enjoy some time by the campfire and to teach the new Boy Scouts a little about our troop.
On Sunday morning it began to rain during breakfast but we were able to finish our worship service early enough to escape the downpour. The troop then headed back down the mountain after a great weekend.

By: Scott

2014 Winterplace ski trip

This past Saturday a group of Scouts and adults met at the church to set off on a ski trip to Winterplace, WV. We gathered up our gear and started off on our trip around 1:30. After a couple of hours on the road we reached our hotel, where we unloaded our gear and then set off to grab dinner at Subway. When we finished eating we head up the hill to pick up our lift tickets for the following morning. At this time it had really began to snow. Once back at the hotel we headed off to the pool for fun and games. I think everyone slept well that night. It was up early on Sunday so we could eat breakfast and head to the hill for our day of skiing.

Once we got back to Winterplace we got our gear and we were off. We had all kinds of skills when it came to our troop. Some of us had never skied before, but between the lessons that were offered and some of the others that had, we were all able to get up and give it a try. We could not have asked for better weather, the sun was out and we had new snow from the night before. After a day of skiing we headed home only to get caught in Traffic with added another 2 hours to our trip.

By: Will

2013 Weblos Skill Camping Trip

The original date for the trip was canceled because of snow and freezing rain. The point of the Weblos coming was to get a taste of what a typical boy scout camping is and to see if they want to continue with scouting. So the trip was the Saturday before Christmas. We set off for Stone Mountain state park at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday, even though all of us would’ve rather stayed home and slept. When we arrived at the park we set up camp so we could get on with the skills challenge we had planned for the day. After setting up camp we did a round robin to teach skills required for the skills challenge. After that we ate lunch and set up rain tarps because of incoming rain. After lunch we got ready for the skills challenge, the event we had all been waiting for. Even though I didn’t do it I manned a station, and it was funny when the scouts would walk right past me and not see me, wondering where I was. The skills that everyone had to know were knots, first aid, fire building, and orienteering, to find the stations needed to complete the challenge. After the challenge we had free time and the rain was starting to pick up. Luckily we had the tarps already up. Dinner was the best. My patrol had pizza made by Robbie and Sean and it was the best camping food I had ever had but it took a long time to cook in the Dutch oven because the coals wouldn’t start because of the moist air. Still, the pizza was the best and it was worth the wait. At this time Christopher started a nice camp fire for us and we all gathered around for comfort and warmth. We were joking around because we heard Sean talking to him, but he was talking to another scout about the day. Once the rain started we all went to our tents for the night. Sunday morning was windy but our tarp survived with the exception of one corner. So as we got up it was a slow start to the day but we got through it. As we took down camp we ate breakfast so we didn’t waste any time. Eventually we got camp put up right in time because it started to rain harder. The last and final thing we did was go on a hike to stone mt. falls to look at what Mother Nature can do. The hike was fun even though we went in the rain, which was wet. At last we got back to the church parking lot where we went home to rest. That was the Weblos skills camping trip.

By: Paul