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Carolina Zipline Camping Trip

On the weekend of March 13, 2015 Troop 26 went zip lining at Carolina Ziplines. We left the church Friday evening in the rain and it rained all the way up to Carolina Ziplines. It rained when we were setting up our tents and all night. The next morning each patrol started cooking breakfast and we had about an hour and a half afterwards before we were to go zip lining. It rained most of the time we were getting instructions. We went on seven different zip line courses and after we were done we ate lunch. After lunch we went to Hanging Rock to hike about 5 miles. We hiked to the top of Hanging Rock and we also saw Wolf Rock. When we got back to camp each patrol started cooking dinner and then a few hours later we had cake to celebrate Peter Wilson’s birthday. On Sunday morning we had breakfast and a Sunday morning service. After service we headed back to the church and concluded out camping trip weekend.

Written By Joseph

Catholic Camporee 2013

2013 Catholic CamporeeThis past weekend the troop went on our yearly trip to the catholic camporee! I knew that it would be a fun weekend the second I arrived at the church. After we left we spent the next two and a half hours working on our patrol yells and skits. When we got there the whole troop went to the dining hall to get our inspections done and turn in our cans that we donated, both patrols did very good. After the inspections we set up our tents and had a little cracker barrel and headed to bed. The next morning we got up early and headed to breakfast, after breakfast we got our things together for the activities that we would be doing that day. For the next couple of hours both patrols did about half of their activities which included the mystery event, knot tying, skit presentation and the bear bag station. We headed to lunch after the couple of activities and then got the rest of our things together for the afternoon activities. Then after all of the activities were done for both patrols we had some free time before dinner so some of us threw the football around until we went to dinner. After everybody ate as much cookies as they could fit in their mouth at dinner we went back to camp and got ready for the campfire we were going to have that night. The campfire was very fun; there were songs to sing and funny skits to watch. Even the Ghost Riders got to perform their skit that Mr. Garmer loved. The campfire was fun but it came to an end after about an hour or so. After that some people headed to bed after a long day followed by the rest not long after.

2013 Catholic CamporeeThe next morning after a good nights rest everybody took down their tents, ate breakfast and got ready to go to mass with the bishop. After mass we quickly headed out because most of the scouts were very eager to get to McDonalds. McDonalds was fun after watching everybody stuffing their stomachs. We then headed back to the church after a long weekend. Over all the weekend was very fun and we had great weather, great spirit and an awesome staff. I cannot wait to go next year.

Anthony Martone

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Cherokee Rifle Shooting

Cherokee Rifle ShootingThis past weekend turned out to be another successful and fun filled campout for Troop 26. We gathered at the church just before 5 PM and set out shortly after. It was a relatively short drive to Camp Cherokee, one of our district’s local summer camps. But as the weather would soon prove, summer was far out of reach. With twilight dwindling overhead, the scouts made quick work of setting up camp. Being that it was a summer camp, some scouts opted to stay in the canvas tents; unconventional for a winter outing. It was a short trip for some to the HQ building where the Rifle Shooting merit badge class was being held. Here, the scouts were thankful to escape the elements, despite the “School” environment. The instructors were more than happy to educate the scouts and give them a little insight as to what tomorrow would bring. However, safety was stressed throughout the seminar and was at no point compromised during the trip. After about an hour of class, the scouts made the dark journey back to camp and were greeted by a late-night cracker barrel. Appetites suppressed, a majority of the scouts headed off to bed for the night. Meantime, a short PLC and planning session was held for those holding leadership positions. Finally, an impromptu TAPS signified the end of the day.

Cherokee Rifle Shooting7 AM came bright and early for Troop 26, and the cold morning rain made some scouts more than reluctant to surrender the warmth of their sleeping bags. Slowly but surely, our troop emerged and began gathering in the nearby shelter to begin their morning meals. Instead of the routine “pancakes and sausage”, some patrols sprang for an opportunity to mix things up, making breakfast burritos. As the day progressed and scouts finished up their class, a steady blanket of snow set in and refused to yield throughout the day. However, the splitting of wood and the fire it fueled offered unparalleled warmth to those feeling the full fury of Jack Frost. Feeling adventurous in the wintry weather, the scouts not at the shooting range began a full-fledged snow war which occupied most of lunch. After eating, the patrols switched off and met up at the range. There, we had several scouts not only attempting, but actually qualifying (rather quickly) for their merit badge. This was undoubtedly one of the proudest moments the troop has shared; being able to perform a precision task with the utmost concentration while enduring below freezing temperatures is no cake walk. After every scout qualified, we began a fun shoot with swinging metal targets, some scouts were even dueling each other in a shoot-off. By this time our instructors had grown weary and cold, informing the troop it was time to retire to the HQ building to clean the rifles. And so the long march back to camp began, with the sun sinking ever lower and the snow slowly easing off. By the time the rifles were cleaned, darkness had set in and dinner had begun. Excellent utilization of dutch ovens by both the adults and scouts made for exceptional meals, and the fire ring beckoned many for after-hours relaxation. But the cold proved too much for some as did the promise of a warm sleeping bag. As kids began falling out in pairs, both the night and the fire died out.

Cherokee Rifle ShootingSunday morning awoke us with a balmy 21 degrees and left us bitter and lethargic. Needless to say, tearing down camp was sluggish, as was our “cold” breakfast. A quick Sunday Service relieved our scouts to find their cars and begin their warm journey home. But it didn’t go without delays. Mr. Vroom experienced a blow-out and was forced to pull over. But quick action and ingenuity soon put him back on the road and eventually back to the church (to the relief of both scouts and parents).

Scott Martin

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Grayson Highlands Backpacking Trip

Grayson HighlandsThe Grayson Highlands Trip was fun, rocky, and not as cold as last year! The troop was separated into two groups, scouts going on the long hard 11-mile trek or the 5-mile day hike, not saying that 5-miles on foot isn’t hard though.We hiked about 1 ½ miles to get to base camp. We got there late, so we just went to bed.

The 11-milers got up quick and headed out while the day hikers stayed back with the wild pony’s for a little bit. The 11 mile trek went through hard, rocky,mountain like terrain with an absolutely beautiful view. You could even see Beech Mountain! The Scouts who trekked the 11 miles went through mud and rock for about 9.4 miles and finally found a nice place to camp. We fixed up dinner, sang some songs, told some stories and headed to bed. We woke up, packed up and hiked the last 1.6 miles at a nice pace of 5.3 mph (pretty darn good with 20lb’s on your back). We were racing the younger scouts who had taken a different path back to the parking lot, practically running across the trail just to find that they beat us!

The scouts who went on the day hike went up to Mt. Rogers and hiked back to the base camp, which was a five mile trek through rocky and steep terrain. They hiked over the little mountains on the mountain and through cold wind blown mountainous plains, a pretty good run for there first times. They went back to the parking lot the same way the left it.

Both terrains that the troop hiked through were beautiful. Just like something you would see in the Scottish highlands, not to much in Virginia. Alas, we eventually we had to leave the amazing land and head back home.

– Ethan Palmer

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